My latest thoughts

Setting up Let's Encrypt Certificates

Let's Encrypt provides free SSL certificates and an open source client for generating and setting up your certificates. A movement to encrypt the web. Here we look at how to use the Let's Encrypt tool.

Wordpress Page Models for Custom Post Types

If your Wordpress projects use a lot of custom fields, it may be a good idea to prepare all the data a page may need outside of the view. I've started to introduce page models to my projects, where all the fields are gathered and prepared before I use them in my templates.

Using AWS to serve multiple SSL certs on one server

I've had some clients that require one server, many domains. I'm sure this may sound familiar. But what happens when this one box must serve multiple domains with SSL? You can't simply serve two different domain names over :443, as the connection must be established before the virtual host can be looked up, so we have a bit of a race condition. Using Load Balancers as proxies can solve this for us.

Programming the Foundations of Life, the next age of technology

Programming a computer started off with punch cards, and only later did we create programming languages to write in. One day, I believe, we'll have a programming language for biotech. We're at the binary stage (DNA), but maybe one day we'll be at the high level language stage.